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Two Bodies are designated to organise the functioning of EFPRO: the General Assembly and the Board.

The General Assembly
The General Assembly shall take strategic decisions on the policies and activities of the Association based on proposals made through the Board or by any Full Member. According to the Articles of the following powers shall be reserved exclusively to the General Assembly:

  • approval of the final accounts for the preceding financial year and discharge of the members of the Board in respect of their stewardship of the affairs of the Association during the preceding financial year,
  • approval of the budget of the Association and membership fees and any extraordinary contributions for the following financial year,
  • the approval of the work programme for the following year,
  • the nomination or dismissal of the Directors,
  • the exclusion of members of the Association,
  • amendments to the Articles of Association,
  • the dissolution of the Association,
  • the establishment and subsequent amendment of By-laws,
  • the nomination, if required, of an auditor,
  • the endorsement of the Secretary General as appointed by the Board.

There shall be at least one physical General Assembly meeting per year.

The Board of Directors

The Board shall enjoy full powers to manage the affairs of the Association and to perform for this purpose all acts it may judge necessary or useful to achieve the Mission and the Purpose of the Association.

The Board shall notably

  • propose the annual budget and work programme
  • decide on the admission of members.

The Board is made up of minimum three members (President and Vice-Presidents) elected by the General Assembly

The President

The President is responsible, with the assistance of the Vice Presidents for:

  • the initiation, development and implementation of policies, strategies and actions to advance the Mission and the Purpose of the Association,
  • the performance of the Secretary General including the financial accounts of the Association.

The President chairs the meetings of the General assembly and of the Board of Directorís, and represents the association following the policies and strategies agreed by the General Assembly and / or by the Board.

The Secretary General

Besides the day-to-day management, the Secretary General is responsible for the Associationís Secretariat.

The Secretary General shall:

  • be appointed by the Board, such appointment being afterwards endorsed by the General Assembly;
  • administer the financial matters of the Association and coordinate the Associationís work programme;
  • support the Board and the General Assembly, in the achievement their tasks;
  • be responsible for managing the funds of the Association and for maintaining the bookkeeping.

Board Composition
From 01.01.2016 the Board consists of:

  • Thaddeus Maloney from Aalto University, Finland
  • Arie Hooimeijer from KCPK/BUMAGA, The Netherlands
  • Veronique Morin from CTP, France
  • Graziano Elegir from INNOVHUB SSI, Italy
  • Mateja Mesl from ICP, Slovenia
  • Branka Lozo from University of Zagreb, Croatia

Secretary General: Jonna Kuusisto